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Easy Makerspace Activities for Your Classroom: Unleashing Creativity in Every Lesson

Makerspaces aren't just for designated spaces; they can be integrated into every classroom, transforming traditional lessons into hands-on, engaging experiences. In this guide, we present a collection of easy makerspace activities that you can implement in your classroom to foster creativity and innovation.

Activity 1: Cardboard Challenge

Materials Needed: Cardboard boxes, scissors, glue, markers, and any other craft supplies.

Challenge your students to create something extraordinary using only cardboard and craft supplies. Whether it's a futuristic vehicle, a towering structure, or a functional gadget, the possibilities are endless.

Activity 2: Straw Rockets

Materials Needed: Drinking straws, tape, paper, and markers.

In this activity, students design and construct their own straw rockets. They experiment with different designs and launch their creations to see which one travels the farthest.

Activity 3: Recycled Art Gallery

Materials Needed: Recyclable materials (paper rolls, plastic bottles, etc.), glue, paint, and other art supplies.

Encourage environmental awareness and creativity by challenging students to create artwork using only recycled materials. Host an art gallery popup where students can proudly display their masterpieces.

Activity 4: Design Thinking Challenge

Materials Needed: Assorted craft supplies, design briefs (e.g., design a tool to help the elderly).

Engage students in a design thinking challenge, where they tackle real-world problems and come up with innovative solutions. Emphasise the importance of prototyping and iterating to improve their designs.

Activity 5: DIY Electronic Greeting Cards

Materials Needed: LED lights, conductive tape, batteries, and craft supplies.

Combine technology and art in this activity by having students create DIY electronic greeting cards. They design cards with LED lights that light up when opened, adding a touch of magic to their personalised messages.

Activity 6: Mini Engineering Projects

Materials Needed: Building blocks, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and other simple building materials.

Challenge students to engineer structures like bridges, towers, or catapults using the provided materials. They test their creations for stability and strength.


Incorporating makerspace activities into your classroom is a powerful way to inspire creativity and critical thinking among your students. These easy makerspace activities provide a glimpse into the possibilities of hands-on learning in every lesson. By engaging in these projects, students become active participants in their education, developing essential skills that go beyond textbooks.

Embrace the makerspace spirit in your classroom and witness the magic of hands-on learning unfold. With a few simple materials and a world of imagination, your students will become fearless learners and innovative thinkers.