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Engaging Students: Exam Tips

There is a real difference between good stress and bad stress, one can help keep you focused, the other can cause anxiety. These tips will help you cope with stress during exam time.

Tips to help while studying

Try and create a routine by eating and sleeping at around the same time each day

Drink lots of water and cut back on energy drinks as they can increase nerves

Block out distractions and keep focused on your studies

Always get a good night’s sleep (allows your brain to recharge and store what you’ve learnt)

Remember to eat a well-balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein to help energy levels

Set yourself goals and small rewards


Tips for exam day

Revise your exam timetable and organise any equipment and stationery you need the night before

Don’t skip breakfast! A light breakfast will help your stay focused and increase your concentration

This one might seem like a no brainer but remember to go to the toilet before the exam starts

Focus on your breathing, close your eyes and take long deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth

Remember to read through the exam paper carefully - underline any key words and instructions

Work out how long you have to answer each question, aim to give yourself time to re-read answers and to make any changes

Knock off the questions that you find easiest first

Be sure to read through your completed exam before leaving the room. Making last-minute adjustments is well worth the time. You may find you've answered a question incorrectly, made a few spelling mistakes, skipped a question or even forgotten to write your name on the exam paper. Using that extra time to proofread your work can gain you additional points and improve student learning outcomes.

If you need help coping with exam stress, give Kids Help Line a call or start a WebChat