5 Tips for Working from Home

Posted by Owen Williams on Mar 29, 2020 10:54:08 PM

In this present atmosphere of uncertainty , a significant number of us are being asked to move our work environment to our home. In spite of this interruption to working norms, there are certain steps to take to make your time at home similarly positive and productive. Here are a few hints for flourishing and staying focused in this extended period of remote work.

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1. Stick to a routine

Those who work from home on a regular basis can tell you about the importance of just getting dressed. Just because we can relax around in our sweat pants, it doesn't mean we should. Best practice is to take a shower, get dressed and maybe even partake in some light exercise before you set up in front of your computer for the day.

2. Setup Your Workspace

Designate a space for work only. If you can, invest in a comfortable chair and try to select a space with elements of biophilia — clean air, natural light, plants and pets—has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity and focus. Work in areas with access to natural light and if possible, have indirect or direct views of the outdoors.

3. Plan Out Your Day

When you're working from home, there are a plethora of distractions that can make it is easy to fall into a blackhole  of no structure. Setting clearly defined goals for the day and allocating the time required to focus on them is essential

4. Take a Walk

Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, while increasing concentration and creativity. Try taking a walk before your start work

5. Partake in Self-care

In times of self-isolation it’s easy to question the meaning of being productive and cheerful. Take pre determined breaks, stand up and stretch or even follow a guided meditation video on youtube. Taking care of ourselves as well as others through the means we have today will make us all stronger, connected and focused in the future.

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