5 Tips to improve your Classroom

Posted by Kellie Griffith on Apr 17, 2020 7:48:00 PM

Good teaching is about knowing which skills to apply where, to get the best out of your students.

As each student is different, having a range of approaches and projects and being able to adapt them ensures success.

Here’s 5 Tips to improve your Classroom to support you in achieving just that.

1. Design for visual access
It is imperative that students have access to the teacher and each other. Ensure good lines of sight, design for sharing and use flexible furniture so things move and can be moved. Your furniture should help students learn individually, in a group or both. Change the environment regularly to keep it fresh and interesting, and above all else, multi-purpose.

2. Support various learning styles
Support individual learning with books, resources, people and technology as learning outcomes are improved when the students’ individual needs are addressed. Individualised learning plans enable each student to learn at a pace that best suits their abilities and to engage with content that is most beneficial to them.

3. Support a range of positions to enhance well being
Provide a selection of seating options and spaces so students can select the one that works best for them. The collaborative classroom should be a space for students to problem solve.

Improve Classrooms

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4. Benefit from social learning
When students can connect and collaborate, they learn innately from imitation and aspiration from their peers so instead of one person teaching them they can learn from many. Students should sit next to new people, create new groups, learn how to work with new and different peers and feel connected.

5. Allow students to take ownership
When students have a say in their space and their learning, they become self-motivated. Combine this with regular breaks, fresh air and physical activity and you have the recipe for success.


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