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5 Tips to improve your Classroom

Good teaching is about knowing which skills to apply where, to get the best out of your students. As each student is different, having a range of approaches and projects and being able to adapt them ensures success. Here’s 5 Tipsfalse

Why use Flexible Furniture

The latest movement in progressive learning is flexible, reconfigurable classroom furniture that supports agile learning. It’s now well established that students learn better when engaged and connected and a flexible spacefalse

What are Future Schools?

Whilst the school curriculum is still very much about the 3 R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic and these core competencies will remain in future schools, problem solving, critical thinking and innovation are making an in roadfalse

Student Led Learning

How do you engage students to improve learning outcomes? With student led learning! Engaging students in learning requires a personalised approach to education, allowing students to express themselves individually so they’refalse

The Role of Innovation for Change

To be truly innovative we not only need to be new and different - we need to change lives – innovation is after all, about the outcome! By changing the lives of young people, we create societal change that leads to a morefalse